New Music: Mario – “Pain Is The New Pleasure”

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Mario changes the direction and title of his forthcoming project as he releases its lead single “Pain Is The New Pleasure”.

In this track, Mario opens up about the reality of life as he addresses the demons he personally faces and what other people may face and ways he learned to battle them and stay away from them.

“Pain is the new pleasure / Losing your direction (yeah) / Been missing the present / Since you got a new president ( I swear this sh*t is evident)  / I can see the signs / Found it right between my eyes, had to look a little deeper to see those / Thought they weren’t even mine,” he sings.

In the premiere on Billboard, the R&B crooner explained: “Every day we battle our own demons and some people’s demons are darker than others. For me, it was more of a mental thing. Being authentic, making the right decisions when it comes to women, staying away from negative people and negative vibes, not allowing my fears to stand in the way of what’s [best] for me.”

Initially, the Baltimore native singer was preparing to release EP Paradise Cove which was lead by his previous release “Let Me Help You” and “I Need More”. In the premiere of this new single he announced he’s scrapping that EP and curating his forthcoming LP Cosmos 17.

He also explained to Billboard the type of concept you can look forward to on the new project: “It’s going to be a mix of everything. You’re going to get classic music, love songs just with a different sound and a different approach than traditional R&B. It’s definitely going to take you on a ride. I have another song on the album that I just finished called “Dancing Shadows,” and that’s more of an R&B, mid-tempo, sexy record.”

As we now wait for Cosmos 17 take a listen to his latest single “Pain Is The New Pleasure”:

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